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Baywatch for links

And 5 abs less, of course!

In the SEO world there are many pirates, but not like Jack Sparrow, who looks like a good guy, I mean the ones who sell you a link and delete it. That’s not fair…

Problems everywhere

Links are important for SEO, I hope you already know that. It is necessary to get HQ guest posts and generate authority in your domain.

Maybe I’m the only one, although I think some of these techniques will be familiar to you.


They change your link from follow to nofollow. A classic!

Forget about me

Oops, I accidentally deindexed all my sponsored posts, including yours. What a shame!


Shxt, your post got deleted by accident, I swear!

legend mode

Delete and disappear. The publisher no longer responds, I guess he must be very busy.

Sergio Ramos-style blocking

They are robots.txt experts and will use it if necessary.

Sorry not sorry

They change the anchor text to help you rank better, or whatever, but they change it.

Canonicalize me

Perfect link, except that the canonical points to another one of their articles...

I, Robot

We also check the meta robots, lest they try to cheat you.

We take care of you

Of course, we make sure that you don't get links to 404, 301 or non-indexed pages.

How does Wholinks help you?

At Wholinks we like to help.

I'll tell you everything you can expect from us.
Change alerts

Get real time info

You can’t stop them from playing tricks on you, but you can find out as soon as they do.

Believe me, I’ve been testing Wholinks for my own use for a few months, and I’ve recovered thousands of euros in purchased links for myself and my clients just by sending a polite email like “Hey, please…”.

Track metrics

Track your linkbuilding progress in one place

Excel and Spreadsheets are great, but damn, when you have a lot of projects it’s a bit hard to use.

In Wholinks everything is organized with prices, anchor, SEO metrics… seems like a suite made by Marie Kondo herself.

What if you stop working as if we were in 2010?

Plug & Play

Set up in two (2) minutes

We are fast, really fast.

Import your purchases, spreadsheet, enter your purchases manually or let us suggest you your live links.

Enter your data and Wholinks.me will start analyzing and taking care of the links for you.

Simple. Affordable.

More links, more links, and more links…

The mantra of many SEOs, but sometimes it’s more profitable to look back and take care of what you’ve already paid for.

We help you maintain, while you focus on getting more quality mentions.



/ month

Basic, for small projects



/ month

Ideal if you have several domains, 2 euro per domain



/ month

Perfect for agencies, less than 1 euro per domain

* all prices include taxes.

Based on feedback from my fav betatesters.

Wholinks helps to automate and order a process that until now has been done with rudimentary tools, for the price it costs it is worth it to maintain order in an area as relevant as linkbuilding.

Mario armenta
Fueled by Smart Work CEO

A perfect tool to keep track and know the real status of the Linkbuilding of your projects or clients, it's super easy and intuitive!

opinión de miguel ángel
Miguel ángel perez

"¡Wholinks works fine!"

testimonio 2 de wholinks
Jose María Aznar
Spanish former president

Links help to improve SEO in a project, unless they are taken away from you.
Wholinks.me has allowed us to automate a manual task that used to take hours and to have a fine control of the links of our domains. An extremely useful tool.

Antoine Eripret
SEO in Liligo
Monitored links
$€ saved